hoto Credit: Peter Hellberg

Lee Fuller

Lee Fuller, MA, BC-DMT, is an in-depth, body centered psychotherapist in private practice, a board certified Dance Movement Therapist and a teacher/facilitator of Authentic Movement and Witnessing with advanced education and training in Jungian psychology and the Expressive Arts Therapies. She has facilitated groups in the embodied discipline of Authentic Movement and Witnessing for over 33 years. Lee currently co-facilitates workshops and retreats with her sister and colleague, Lynn Fuller throughout the Pacific Northwest. Lee now lives part time in Western Wyoming affording her the additional opportunity to facilitate groups in this area as well.

Lee knows when she takes her seat in the circle as witness and facilitator that she is “home”. She delights in knowing that this embodied form with roots in ancient wisdoms reflects and demonstrates the most current knowledge in neurobiology. She continues to enthusiastically and passionately open to the possibilities of this elegant form that allows embodied, deep listening/seeing of self and other, creative expression, healing and transformation/awakening to occur at a cellular level. Her current focus is the relational, energetic and transformative implications of embodied presence.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Lynn Fuller

Lynn Fuller, MA, MFCC, is a psychotherapist in private practice living and working in the Pacific Northwest since 1980. Her background in dance/movement therapy, Jungian psychology and body-centered psychotherapy have been significant in supporting her professional orientation. She recently completed a two-year training with Sharon Stanley in Somatic Transformation, a developmental, phenomenological and neurobiological approach to healing of trauma. She is also studying in Brazil with an indigenous teacher in the healing arts.

Lynn has facilitated groups in Authentic Movement and Witnessing for 33 years. Currently she offers on-going groups and retreats introducing the practice. She co-facilitates workshops and retreats with her sister and colleague, Lee. Both Lynn and Lee have trained extensively with Joan Chodorow and Janet Adler, pioneers in the practice and discipline of Authentic Movement and Witnessing. 

Lynn is passionately engaged in the knowledge and experience of embodied presence. Embodied consciousness, its development and evolution is essential to humankind’s on-going presence in the universe. This elegant practice offers an opportunity for body, soul and spirit to re-engage, re-integrate and transform.

Lee Fuller and Lynn Fuller offer weekly series, seasonal retreats, supervision and full day introductions to Authentic Movement and Witnessing. They facilitate on-going groups that have gathered for over a decade.

Lynn and Lee enjoy working with seasoned practitioners and beginning students alike.

They have presented for the Women of Wisdom Foundation in Seattle, Grace Episcopal Church on Bainbridge Island, for the Jung Society of Seattle and Olympia, Washington; Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas, and the American Dance Therapy Association.