Mover and Witness

The core of this practice is the relationship between mover and witness.

In the presence of the witness the mover closes her eyes and attends to the sensations, images, and emotions arising within.

The mover then begins to give expression to particular sensations, emotions, or images through movement, through sound, through stillness. There is no right or wrong way to move.

Deep Listening

The invitation for deep listening is practiced in the relationship between mover and witness. The spontaneous and authentic movement that emerges is being seen by the witness. The witness meets what arises in the mover without projection, judgement or interpretation.

The atmosphere of compassion that is practiced and cultivated by the witness is central to the relationship. This sacred field allows the mover to expand in her experience of deep listening, authentic expression and development of a compassionate inner witness.

Embodied Presence

Authentic movement and witnessing is a developmental practice and discipline. 

It is a path of awakening and evolving consciousness in and through the body.

It invites relationship with self and to other. The embodied presence of bothmover and witness allows the transformation of soul into substance.

It is in the energetic moment of related compassion that true healing and creativity occur. Spiritand matter are no longer separate.  And we are in the presence and deep expression of mystery, the generative life force.

The core of the movement experience is the sensation of moving and being moved. There are many implications in putting it this way. Ideally, both are present in the same instant, and it literally may be an instant. It is a moment of total awareness, the coming together of what I am doing and what is happening to me. It cannot be anticipated, explained specifically, worked for, nor repeated exactly. 

                                                                        Mary Whitehouse