Slowing down,

taking all the time one needs to be present, to listen deeply; to give shape, form, and expression to what is arising in each moment;  to allow all the time needed to transition from one moment to the next.


Sensing into the present moment

and energetics of it all for three days was grounding, strengthening and empowering. There was a sense of Grace weaving throughout it all.



the ineffable quality of our moving and witnessing experiences, then, in the witness circle, finding expression first through gesture, sound and word phrases.  Then stumbling humbly to find language to give yet another shape and form to our experiences.

We cannot do this alone!

We experience the interpersonal field that is essential to the enormity of being human. We listen, see, express, heal, integrate, and transcend.  The relational and embodied nature of this work is revolutionary.

We find the embodied experience of Trust.  

We allow the steely strength and the yielding softness of Trusting so that we can lean into authenticity in each moment.  We open to the experience of our brokenness, our shadow, our limitations and our resistances.  This allowing offers a direct experience of compassion for self and other, making room for the greater choreography to unfold, in the circle and in our daily living.

Fully experiencing

the juncture of the vertical Divine plane and the horizontal Profane plane meeting at the Heart Center, allowing each to inform the other.  And we feel the call to the necessity of daily honoring the reunion with our sacred core.

In the circle we sit on the edge

of the Mystery, of the Void and we hold the perimeter together. Our collective presence allows the healing, creative and sacred gifts to emerge in and through the body, in and through the relationship between mover and witness. The exquisite beauty of the human form, psyche and body, heart and soul - nothing is left out.  All is included in the circle of moving and witnessing.